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Dallas Mosman

Dallas MosmanAs a young child I listened to my mother talk admiringly about how a great aunt designed hats for Wanamaker's Department Store in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1900's. I surmised that the ability to create was a good thing, and since someone in the family had it, maybe I did too. So I began drawing on the blank pages in the front and back of all the books in our house. That was many years ago! It is paint on canvas now.

My work is about mood, color, sense of space, balance and harmony. I gravitate to landscapes/ gardens, architecture/interiors and animals. Ideas come from many sources direct observation, photos, mind's eye, and imagining.

The road can get bumpy along the way to a finished painting, so I begin with a carefully conceived composition. I am always open to spontaneity and happy accidents, but I remain mindful of established principles and elements of art.

As a voracious reader of Art History, I channel my favorite painters like the late Howard Hodgkin who said, "I would like to paint pictures were people didn't care what anything was because they were so enveloped by them." -- Dallas Mosman, 2021

'Gramercy Park #1' by Dallas Mosman, Oil on canvas, 14 x 14 inches

Gramercy Park #1
Oil on canvas
14 x 14 inches

'Arcadia' by Dallas Mosman, Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

Oil on canvas
20 x 20 inches

'Sensation #6' by Dallas Mosman, Acrylic gouache on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

Sensation #6
Acrylic gouache on canvas
30 x 24 inches

'Sensation #3' by Dallas Mosman, Acrylic gouache on canvas, 34 x 34 inches

Sensation #3
Acrylic gouache on canvas
34 x 34 inches


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