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Susan Vaughan

Susan Vaughan"As a nurse practitioner, I have cared for others throughout my career. Art has been my retreat since I was in high school when I learned to appreciate art history. I find parallels in healthcare and art in that they both are an .exploration of the human condition. Both can nurture, comfort, influence and potentially heal. I love the outdoors, found items and unusual details. I am happiest exploring and often include random marks or edges that allow the viewer to connect to the artistic process. As I have in my profession, I hope to make a difference with my art by creating pieces that help not only individuals but existential causes." -- Susan Vaughan

'Barboursville' by Susan Vaughan, Oil on canvas, 48x36 inches

Oil on canvas
48x36 inches

'In memory of Anne Carroll' by Susan Vaughan, Acrylic, collage, cold wax on board, 39x23 inches

In memory of Anne Carroll
Acrylic, collage, cold wax on board
39x23 inches

'Dandy' by Susan Vaughan, Oil on board, 8x3 feet

Oil on board
8x3 feet

'Fall' by Susan Vaughan, Oil on board, 3x3 feet

Oil on board
3x3 feet

'Watercolor silhouette' by Susan Vaughan, Watercolor on paper, 11x14 inches

Watercolor silhouette
Watercolor on paper
11x14 inches

'Or Me' by Susan Vaughan, Acrylic, collage, cold wax on wood panels, 24x24 inches each

Or Me
Acrylic, collage, cold wax on wood panels
24x24 inches each


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